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  • Organic Lawn Care

    Organic lawn care is a chemical free approach to maintaining a healthy and natural lawn that looks great and is safe for the environment, your community and family. Organic lawn care also conserves resources, controls pest and saves money. Read more about our Organic Lawn Care Service.

    Organic Lawn Care
  • Sustainable Lawn Care

    Sustainable lawn care is clean, quiet and renewable. Clean Air Lawn Care uses clean electric and biodiesel powered equipment for lawn mowing and maintenance that is run on renewable energy. Learn more about our Sustainable Lawn Care Service.

    Sustainable Lawn Care
  • Lawn Care Corvallis

    Clean Air Lawn Care is the nation’s leading full-service sustainable and organic lawn care services company. When you sign up for lawn maintenance with Clean Air Lawn Care, you are signing up for the cleanest and healthiest lawn service available. Discover more about Clean Air Lawn Care Corvallis.

    Lawn Care Corvallis

Clean & Quiet Solar-Powered Mowing

Lawn Care Services by Clean Air Lawn Care - Mowing
Clean Air Lawn Care Corvallis uses lawn food without any chemicals or toxins. By choosing Clean Air, you are reducing chemical pollution to our environment. Also, you can rest assured that your families and pets will be safe while enjoying your lawn! View our organic fertilization and lawn treatments!

Healthy & Organic Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services by Clean Air Lawn Care - Mowing

Organic Lawn Care Services

Organic Fertilizers, Organic Weed Control, and Micro-organism Soil Builders

Sustainable Lawn Care Services

Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Blowing, Clean-up, and much more ... view all Clean Air Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Emissions Calcuator

Lawn Care Emissions Calculator by Clean Air Lawn CareGas-powered lawn equipment contributes 5-10% of the nation’s air pollution annually. Each year our sustainable lawn care services eliminate over 23,000 lbs of this air pollution. What’s the environmental impact of your lawn care? Use our Lawn Care Emissions Calculator to find out.